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    All That Glitters IS Gold

    When it comes to Sock Season’s new Glitterati Socks, you can be assured of its lustrous value. Versatile and on trend, glitter is making a comeback in 2017. From the recent popularity in illuminating highlighters in the make-up realm to the Glitter Sock Knit Ankle Boots from streetwear power-haus, Vetements, people are obsessed with all that sparkle and shine.

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    Be Brilliant with Monochromatic Color Sock Sets

    Socks are an important piece of clothing; we pay very little attention to them and still they’re main to our overall ease and comfort in various ways: socks safeguard our feet from damage, take away our sweating, and keep our dew beaters tight in our footwear.

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    Smiley Face Socks

    Smiley Face Socks  One smile can make all the difference in the world. One smile has the power to release stress, calm you down, make you attractive, make someone else happy and believe it or not, smiling can actually cause happiness.

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    The Weekday Blues Lookbook

    The Weekday Blues Lookbook

    Weekday Blues - that feeling of just wanting to crawl into a hole, because nothing but WORK, COMMITMENTS, & RESPONSIBILITY is patiently waiting for you! Life doesn't have to be that hard, nor that heavy, mix it up because with happiness on your feet, and it'll work its way up to your heart.

    Enjoy the lookbook below where we explore our new arrival socks that will brighten your day.

    Model: Quirro Green

    Photographer: Amber Gomez

    Krystal Kitty Has Arrived!

    Krystal Kitty Has Arrived!

    Smitten by kittens is a complete understatement when it comes to this darling Krystal-Kitten Sock set. With a gorgeous pastel-essence, a lightweight blend of crystal and nylon for shaping to your foots natural shape, and to top it all off – a set of five adorable kitten friends, there is no arguing that this is an exceptional set of kitten socks.  

    We’ve all played witness to the drastic transformation in trends, but socks have been revolutionized into something greater than ever expected.From humble beginnings as a simple commodity, socks have flipped the fashion game upside down, evolving into a powerful and modern statement piece.

    Expressing yourself has never looked this utterly adorable.  See why this luxurious blend of material will have you feeling the clear benefits of treating your toes.

    Get them meow or never!


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